Thus Speaks the Narrator《敘述者說》

Thus Speaks the Narrator《敘述者說》


趙玫,女,滿族,畢業于南開大學中文系,天津市作家協會主席。已出版《朗園》《武則天》《高陽公主》《上官婉兒》《左岸 左岸》等中短篇、長篇小說,編劇《阮玲玉》等電視劇本,共81部,計千余萬字。曾獲全國首屆魯迅文學獎,第四、第五屆全國少數民族文學創作獎,莊重文文學獎等。1994年應美國政府邀請赴美參加"國際訪問者計劃"。
As Bloody as the Setting Sun
The Shadow of the Sun in an Afternoon
A Flower Blossoming out of the Dust
The Ever - lasting Curtain Call
Beyond Her Literary Texts
Dancing in Shackles
The Ambitions of an Intelligent Woman
Eternity Interwoven with Love and Death
What Passion Means to Writing
She Refused to be a Bouquet of Untrimmed Flowers
Perishing in Solitude
Fall in Love Once, Or More Than Once
In Remembrance of Betty Friedan
The Exchange of Love
Memories Remote but Acute
Reading and the Sand - built Ancient Castle
In Search of a Different Kind of Order
Thus Speaks the Narrator
The Supremacy of Language Over Story
Why I Reject the Quotation Mark
Phrases and Short Sentences
As Transitory as Spring Flowers

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